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Clinical Research

Clinical Research

VHIO´s Clinical Research Program directed by Josep Tabernero, will continue to incorporate the following groups:

Breast Cancer and Melanoma led by Javier Cortes, Head, Neck and Gynecological Tumors headed by Josep Maria del Campo, Josep Tabernero´s Gastrointestinal Tumor Group, Genitourinary, CNS Tumors, Sarcoma and Cancer of Unknown Primary Site Program Group directed by Joan Carles, Enriqueta Felip’s Thoracic Tumor Group, Radiation Oncology under Jordi Giralt´s leadership, High Risk and Cancer Prevention Group led by Judith Balmaña, Hematology Oncology headed by Francesc Bosch, and Oncogenetics Group led by Orland Díez.

VHIO´S clinical research activity continues to be supported by essential core services including the Clinical Trials Office whose activities are headed by Irene Marimon, Gemma Sala and Susana Muñoz, the Clinical Research Nurse Unit supervised by Nines Peñuelas, and the Oncology Pharmaceutical Care Program Unit led by Maria-Josep Carreras Soler and Laura Mañós Pujol, as well as database and statistical management.

To deliver on the necessary expansion ahead, this Program will also extend its research through the future incorporation of new groups.

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