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Set up in 1997, the Clinical Trials Office comprises an operational team conducting clinical trials at the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital’s Oncology Department with more than 35 professionals including study coordinators, data managers and administrative staff working on more than 280 trials. They are responsible for the logistics, coordination, data management and also the start-up process for new studies.

Each trial has an appointed coordinator and a data manager. Responsible for managing the procedures and assessments required in accordance with the protocol, the coordinator acts as the link between the study sponsor and the research team. The data manager provides the sponsor with all the necessary clinical data and monitors the quality of these data.

The Clinical Trials Office coordinates studies from phase I to phase III and is divided into three separate teams: Phase I, Breast Cancer, and Phase II-III.

In 2015 our office has conducted 289 actively recruiting trials and succeeded in recruiting and coordinating a total of 979 patients in these trials. In addition, we are following up all patients that were recruited prior to 2015 who are still enrolled and receiving study treatment. For annual evolution figures (1999 - 2015) please click here.

For more information about Phase I and early Phase II trials, please see  the Research Unit for Molecular Therapy of Cancer UITM - ”la Caixa”.