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Ensayos clínicos


Clinical trials play an essential role in the development of new therapies to combat cancer, as they constitute the methodological basis of scientifically recognized clinical research.

Clinical trials allow ethical and highly controlled experimental research in humans once the preclinical experimental development phase of a new drug has shown that the drug may represent an improvement on the available or standard treatment for patients at a given moment.

The desire to improve current cancer treatment and to offer new therapeutic choices to our patients has driven the development of the Clinical Trials Office in the Oncology Department of Vall d’Hebron Hospital.

The Clinical Trials Office is responsible for the logistics, coordination and management of the data from the clinical trials carried out in the Oncology Department of Vall d’Hebron Hospital. Our team is responsible for facilitating the administrative procedures required to obtain approval from the Clinical Research Ethics Committee of Vall d’Hebron Hospital for the different trials that are of interest to the department.

When the trial has been approved by the regulating authorities, the Clinical Trials Office is responsible for the correct logistical development of the trial by working together with the oncologists of the department who act as principal investigators or co-investigators, and with the rest of the research team.

A coordinator and a data manager are assigned to each clinical trial. The coordinator is the point of connection between the study sponsor and the research team and is responsible for managing the procedures required y the team in accordance with the protocol. The data manager provides the sponsor with all the necessary clinical data described in the protocol and, together with the sponsor's clinical trial monitor, monitors the quality of these data.