VHIO´s next Meet the Editors with Nature Medicine

Nature Medicine´s Senior Editor, Victoria Aranda, will come to VHIO Monday 17 September 2012 to deliver the 4th in the prestigious series of VHIO Meet the Editors talks:

Nature Medicine: an in-depth look at scientific publishing, criteria for cancer research publications and future trends in oncology.

Publishing your work in a scientific journal is an indefectibly stressful, and sometimes disappointing, experience. Much of this frustration can be avoided, or at least eased, by improving manuscript preparation and by homing in your communication skills to better navigate a journal’s editorial process. Editors can offer helpful tips to make manuscripts more logical, precise and readily understandable, and discuss how to best tailor your manuscript to the right audience, as well as how to best handle the communication with journals and reviewers.

The presentation includes a stepwise look at the inner workings of the peer review process at Nature Medicine, including initial submission, internal editorial review, peer review, rebuttals and appeals. Learning how editorial decisions are made can help increase your publication success rate, and decrease your stress levels. We will survey in detail our journal’s criteria for cancer research publications, and will give an overview of future trends in Oncology.

Date: Monday 17 September

Time: 09:00 – 10:15

Venue: Hotel Alimara, www.alimarahotel.com


PLEASE NOTE: Spaces are limited and participation is granted on a first come, first served basis. Early registration is therefore advisable.

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