Ref. 02-2023 Laboratory Technician position at Growth Factors Laboratory (Process Closed)

The Vall d´Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) Seeks a “Laboratory Technician position at Growth Factors Laboratory


 Reference: 02-2023

 Application deadline: 31.01.2023

 Number of vacancies: 1


Job description:

VHIO offers a position for a laboratory technician within the Growth Factors Research Laboratory led by ICREA Research Professor Joaquin Arribas.

The group is focused on cancer biology research with a clear translational perspective. Our team have generated a comprehensive platform of patient-derived experimental models from breast and pancreatic cancer. We use this platform to study mechanisms of resistance to current treatments and develop novel therapies. We are also investigating the role of cellular senescence in breast cancer progression and treatment.

We are looking for a qualified technician with previous experience in animal experimentation who helps us maintain and grow our PDXs platform. Additionally, candidates must have expertise in techniques such as immunohistochemistry, PCR, and immunofluorescence.


Selected Publications:

  1. Bilal, F. et al. “The transcription factor Slug uncouples pancreatic cancer progression from the Raf-Mek1/2-Erk1/2 pathway.” Cancer Research 81 (2021): 3849. doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-20-4263.
  2. Arenas, E. J. et al. “Acquired cancer cell resistance to T cell bispecific antibodies and CAR T targeting HER2 through JAK2 down-modulation.” Nature Communications 12 (2021): 1237. doi: 10.1038/s41467-021-21445-4.
  3. Martínez-Sabadell, A., Arenas, E. J., and Arribas, J. “IFN-g signaling in natural and therapy-induced anti-tumor responses.” Clinical Cancer Research7 (2022): 1243-1249. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-21-3226.
  4. Cortés, J. et al. “Enhancing global access to cancer medicines.” CA Cancer Journal for Clinicians 70 (2020): 105-124. doi: 10.3322/caac.21597.
  5. Rius Ruiz, I. et al. “p95HER2-T cell bispecific antibody for breast cancer treatment.” Science Translational Medicine 461 (2018): eaat1445. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aat1445.



Education and qualifications

  • Degree in life sciences or FP (Formación Profesional)

Experience and knowledge

  • Animal Experimentation Accreditation and previous experience in animal experimentation is mandatory.
  • Effective at contributing to a team.


Additional Information:

Main responsibilities and duties

  • Maintaining and grow the PDXs platform of the group.
  • Support the group’s research projects by performing molecular biology techniques.
  • Collaborate at organization tasks in the lab.

Labour conditions:

  • Start: Immediately



Applicants should send a full Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter to and


About VHIO:

Under the leadership of Josep Tabernero, the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), has established itself as a comprehensive cancer center of proven excellence internationally. It is also thanks to VHIO’s optimal organizational structure based on a purely multidisciplinary and translational model that VHIO talents continue to anticipate and tackle the many unresolved questions in combatting this multifaceted and heterogeneous disease.

Located within the Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus, our researchers closely collaborate and interact with Vall d’Hebron physician-scientists. Translational science and clinical research are therefore tightly connected which promotes superb interaction and teamwork which, in turn, accelerates the bench-bedside-bed cycle of knowledge. This privileged environment affords VHIO direct access to patients as well as the entire spectrum of oncology professionals who care for them, and a second-to-none appreciation of how cancer science can translate into more powerful, targeted treatments and better practice for the care of patients.

VHIO’s pioneering model and programs, coupled with its belief in combining strengths through cross-border collaborations, continue to spur advances in reversing cancer resistance, halting metastatic spread, and more effectively treating even the most undruggable tumor types.


VHIO’s translation toward precision oncology:

Vall d’Hebron Institute Oncology (VHIO) endorses the Requirements and Principles of the European Charter for Researchers, the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers promoted by the European Commission and follows Equal Opportunities policies.

On 10th April 2018 VHIO was awarded the “HR Excellence in Research” logo. Our Institute was consequently granted permission to use the HR Excellence in Research Award logo as demonstration of its stimulating and favourable work environment in line with the Charter & Code.

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