• Speaker: Lucas Pontel – Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute (IJC- Barcelona) PCI Fellow – Biomedicine Institute of Buenos Aires – Partnership of the Max Planck Society (IBioBA-MPSP – Buenos Aires – Argentina) Group Leader
  • Talk title: Exploiting Metabolic Vulnerabilities in Resilent Tumours
  • Host: Álex Piris
  • Date & time: Monday 28th November, at 12:00 CET
  • Auditorium of the Cellex Building
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Dr. Lucas Pontel research aims at understanding how metabolism determines cancer onset and progression. During his postdoctoral stay at Prof. KJ Patel laboratory (the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, United Kingdom (UK), 2012-2017), Dr. Pontel contributed to the identification that mammals need to counteract the cellular metabolite formaldehyde to prevent lethal toxicity and carcinogenesis (Pontel, et al 2015 Mol Cell, Burgos-Barragan, et al 2017, Nature). In 2017, Dr. Pontel was appointed Group Leader at the Biomedicine Institute of Buenos Aires (IBioBA-MPSP, Buenos Aires, Argentina), to focus on how cancer cells repeal toxic cellular metabolites. His group has recently identified that the cellular antioxidant glutathione (GSH) prevents the toxicity of endogenous formaldehyde in cancer cells (Umansky et al, Nat Comm 2022). Since 2021, Pontel is also associated to the Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute (Barcelona, Spain), where he has specialized in leukemia biology, revealing that GSH synthesis and ferroptosis are metabolic vulnerabilities in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (Pontel, et al Redox Biol, 2022). This stay is funded by a competitive International Collaborative Project (PCI, AEI, Next Generation Europe), and he has recently been awarded a Ramon and Cajal contract.


Nov 28 2022


12:00 am - 1:00 pm