Surgery and breast cancer: when, how and on which patients can it be performed?

We answer the most frequently asked questions in this area with Irene Vives and Izaro Hernán.

It is an initiative through which it is intended to offer tools to deal with this disease, as well as to train patients in very diverse topics related to the pathology, such as physical, emotional and social aspects. This new cycle started in October, coinciding with the month of World Breast Cancer Day, and will last for much of 2023. The workshops will be moderated by Dra. Lucia Sanz and they will be sponsored, one more year, by Pfizer.  Endavant Chic@s association will collaborate in the organization.

The objective of this workshops is to offer patients tools, always based on scientific evidence, that can help them both in the management of symptoms and in the effects long term of the treatments received.


Oct 13 2022


11:00 am - 1:00 pm