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Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Translational Research Group

Noncolorectal Gastrointestinal cancers (GI cancers) are a significant public health problem.

Current conventional therapeutic options, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and targeted therapies, are not always highly effective in noncolorectal GI cancer patients, and the overall mortality remains a major issue.

Our group, led by Dr Teresa Macarulla (M.D. Ph.D.), is interested in seeking novel therapeutic strategies and associated predictive factors of noncolorectal GI cancers. One of our approaches is to combine biomarker discoveries and drug efficacy studies to better stratify noncolorectal GI cancer patients for personalized treatment.

Our clinical team has actively participated in developing molecular therapies targeting altered signaling pathways of pancreatic, gastric, and bile duct cancers (cholangiocarcinoma), among others. We have contributed to multiple phases I-III clinical trials examining novel anti-cancer strategies against noncolorectal GI cancers. Notably, the U.S Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency have approved several tested molecules for clinical use.

Moreover, using cancer patient-derived in vivo and ex vivo models, our preclinical team led by Dr Tian Tian (M.D. Ph.D.) is also studying the epigenetic and transcriptional features that can be used in gastric, pancreatic, and bile duct cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Teresa Macarulla
Group Leader
Tian Tian
Senior researcher
Preclinical team leader
  • Clinical development of novel therapeutic targets for noncolorectal GI cancers.
  • Discovery and validation of novel prognostic biomarkers for noncolorectal GI cancers.
  • Development and application of liquid biopsy protocols to monitor noncolorectal GI cancer progression and drug response.
  • Design and development of investigator-initiated clinical trials, including Basket studies and participation in multidisciplinary/multinational consortia and collaborative research programs of excellence.
  • Development of relevant in vivo and ex vivo preclinical noncolorectal GI cancers models.
  • Study the molecular features of GI cancers (Cholangiocarcinoma and PDAC) using multi-omic approaches.
  • Identification of transcriptional and epigenetic features in noncolorectal GI cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Group Leader
Teresa Macarulla
Preclinical team leader
Tian Tian
Clinical oncologists
Florian Castet
Carles Fabregat-Franco
Lab Manager
Jessica Querol
Ph.D. students
Carmen Escudero
Mariana Yáñez
Francheska Cadacio (FI SO Fellow)
Master students
Sofía Llorente
Joel Castro
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