The VHIO Academy

The VHIO Academy encompasses all educational programs at VHIO in order to manage the integration and dissemination of cancer-focused training opportunities, with initiatives for all VHIO personnel, as well programs tailored to patients and members of the community.

The main tasks of the VHIO Academy are as follows:

  • Launch and manage institutional fellowship calls aimed at attracting and retaining talented professionals in the field of oncology so that our community can grow.
  • Develop cancer-focused educational programs, and manage mentoring and training activities to help VHIO members further their education and careers, as well as foster a training environment of excellence.
  • Reinforce communication and dissemination of cancer knowledge aimed at lay audiences, with particular focus on patients and their families.
  • Imma Falero – Head of the VHIO Academy
  • Sonia Casares – Support to the Training Office
  • Elena Élez
  • Maria Abad
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Imma Falero
Head of the VHIO Academy
Elena Élez
María Abad