Internal Scientific Committee

Josep Tabernero
VHIO’s Director
Enriqueta Felip
Codirector of Clinical Research program and Group Leader of Thoracic Tumors & Head and Neck Cancer Group
Elena Garralda
Codirector of Clinical Research Program and Director of Research Unit for Molecular Therapy of Cancer (UITM)- CaixaResearch
Paolo G. Nuciforo
Group Leader of Molecular Oncology Group
Joan Seoane
Codirector of Preclinical and Traslational Research and and Group Leader of Gene Expression and Cancer Group
Laura Soucek
Codirector of Preclinical and Traslational Research and Group Leader of Models of Cancer Therapies Group
Non-voting members
Carles Constante
Managing Director
Alejandro Piris
Chief Scientific Officer
Josep Maria Miquel
Senior Project Manager


In general terms the Internal Scientific Committee is responsible for coordination and strategic planning of research and knowledge transfer of the institute, driving the research programs, monitoring and coordination of the execution of scientific activity, the center’s strategic plan and the annual plan of activities, promotion and development of the scientific community and its constituent members, and discussion and preparation of the proposals to be approved by other governing bodies.