Clinical Research Oncology Nurses

Clinical trials in oncology are essential for the identification of novel, more effective targeted therapies against cancer as well as improving survival, side effect profiles and the quality of life of patients. Advances in oncology care and the development of more powerful anti-cancer medicines are driven by optimal processes in clinical trials.

Our expert clinical research oncology nurses assume a central role by undertaking a variety of roles including identifying trends in side effects, closely collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to develop and evaluate patient management, contributing to clinical studies by collating samples and quality data, as well as providing excellence in nursing care and symptom management for all patients enrolled in clinical trials.

While the COVID-19 pandemic naturally presented new challenges which demanded adaptive procedures, structures and where possible, our clinical teams and oncology nurses had, in many cases, to re-think conventional patient care. With the safety of our patients as the highest priority, Angeles Peñuelas led her team in working tirelessly together with VHIO’s medical oncologists and clinical investigators to swiftly establish adaptive circuits and approaches to ensure the optimal running of clinical studies, while delivering, as always, the highest levels of quality patient care. Newly introduced measures in response to COVID-19 –whenever/wherever possible- included remote monitoring as well as dispensation of medication for certain patients receiving orally administered therapies, and telematic clinical consultations.

VHIO’s Clinical Research Oncology Nurses are specialized in molecular therapies and represent an important element of the multidisciplinary teams involved in the studies performed and coordinated at VHIO’s Research Unit for Molecular Therapy of Cancer (UITM) – CaixaResearch and Clinical Trials Office. Supporting these teams comprised of medical oncologists, molecular pathologists, oncology pharmacists, clinical researchers, and study coordinators, VHIO’s oncology nurses are key to ensuring the delivery of optimal care for patients who receive the full range of expertise, guidance, and the necessary follow-up throughout the course of their participation in a clinical study.

As importantly is the psychological support they provide, alongside the other superbly trained oncology care givers and specialists including psychologists. Our nurses also provide patients and their families with the information and professional guidance they need to make fully informed decisions concerning their treatment options.

Nurse Supervisor
Clinical Research Oncology nurses
Nurse Supervisor
Mª Ángeles Peñuelas
Nurse Supervisor's Assistant
Juan Manuel García
Nurse Coordinators
Cristina Casal, Tania Sánchez, Sonia Valverde
Andrea Caballero, Anna Maria Carro, Mª Elena de Cabo, Mª Luisa Fargas, Margarida Marcos, Marta Mate, Carmen Moína, Mireia Moral, Isabel Muñoz, Teresa Navarro, Lydia Vélez, Marta Villalba, Meritxell Riba, Ruben Xavier Torres, Carla Sánchez, Carla Barjola
Operational Research Nurses
Inés Depares, Andrea Martinez, Alba Silverio
Nursing Assistants
Xenia Ángeles, Katherine Espinoza, Susana Flores, Mireia Hernández, Mª Ascension Martin, Ana Belen Ortiz