Not to be missed: ESMO’s virtual and expert Live Roundtable on COVID-19 vaccination in cancer patients, this Friday 22 January

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Delivering on the European Society for Medical Oncology’s (ESMO) commitment to securing the best possible outcomes for people with cancer through integrated cancer care, specialized education and sustainable cancer care, ESMO, led by its current President, Solange Peters, has responded rapidly to the COVID-19 by providing expert guidance and support to the oncology community during these turbulent times.

Illustrative of ESMO’s ‘finger on the pulse’ compilation of educational materials and opportunities aimed at doctors, cancer patients and the general public, ESMO representatives swiftly set about responding to key questions surrounding the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccination in cancer patients. This timely undertaking resulted in the ESMO release of ten statements to tackle issues and concerns regarding the immunization of patients with cancer against this terrible virus.

“To ease the burden on oncology professionals, respond to the many challenges of COVID-19 virus as it continues to wreak its havoc in waves, ESMO has produced an impressive range of authoritative resources and tools for all stakeholders in oncology, including our treasured patients,” said Josep Tabernero, VHIO’s Director and ESMO’s Past President.

In addition to ESMO’s COVID-19 Educational Webinars, Facebook Roundtable Sessions, ESMO-CoCare Registry, Guide for Patients, and Q&A on COVID-19, its Live Roundtables provide a superb platform for the necessary debate and exchange as the oncology community continues to navigate this healthcare crisis.

“Following the roll out of COVID-19 vaccines across Europe, this week’s live roundtable will provide us with the opportunity to listen and learn from renowned experts in oncology, immunology and virology as we explore the latest science behind the vaccines, their possible interaction with antineoplastic therapies, as well as administration in cancer care, among many other important aspects,” added Josep Tabernero.

For more information about the ESMO Live Roundtable on COVID-19 vaccines and cancer care: the known the unknown and the unknowable, this coming Friday, 22 January, 12:30h-13:30h CET, and register for free to join this virtual Zoom session, please click here.

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