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The Myc Gene

Barcelona, June 18, 2021. VHIO’s MYC ‘Masters’, Laura Soucek and Jonathan Whitfield, have shared their expertise alongside other leading figures in the MYC space as co-Editors of the second edition of The Myc Gene: Methods and Protocols (Springer Protocols, Humana Press). Building on the successes of the first volume, published back in 2013 as part of the Methods in Molecular Biology Series, they elegantly introduce this superb educational resource as well as co-author the opening chapter: An “-omycs” Toolbox to Work with MYC.   And, who better equipped to do so!

Laura Soucek is Principal Investigator of VHIO’s Mouse Models of Cancer Therapies Group, an ICREA Research Professor, and co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of VHIO-born spin-off Peptomyc S.L. Over the past 20 years, her determined research efforts have centered on combatting resistance to therapy and cancer cell spread through clinically inhibiting the MYC oncogene.
Alongside Jonathan R. Whitfield, Senior Investigator in her lab, and her VHIO and Peptomyc research teams, Laura spearheads efforts to translate their discoveries into clinical benefits for patients. Building on the proven preclinical efficacy and safety of their Omomyc cell-penetrating peptide (CCP) in mouse models, and Peptomyc’s successful development of anti-MYC peptides for the treatment of several tumor types, the investigators have recently taken the much-anticipated ‘leap’ into the clinical research setting. This represents an important step forward in making their Omomyc (OMO-103) mini-protein, the first ever clinically viable and direct inhibitor of MYC.

Reflective of this wealth of experience, Laura and Jonathan have delivered the second edition of The Myc Gene: Methods and Protocols by ‘binding’ the 19 chapters into three main parts: 1) how to study MYC itself (protocols, techniques and methods), 2) the cellular processes at play and how they can be measured in vitro and in vivo, and 3) the clinical application of MYC studies.

Just some of the experts and contributing authors include other VHIO faculty and Peptomyc investigators: María Abad and Elena Senís, Principal Investigator and Post-Doctoral Fellow (respectively) of VHIO’s Cellular Plasticity & Cancer Group, Ana Vivancos, Principal Investigator of our Cancer Genomics Group and Zighereda Ogbah, Specialized Technician, and Francesco Mattia Mancuso, who previously was Bioinformatician of her group, and Peptomyc’s Immuno-Oncology Project Manager, Sílvia Casacuberta-Serra.

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