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Grant for the research in colorectal cancer

Since its beginning in 2003, the “Olga Torres” Foundation, dedicated to research in cancer and its relation to immunological dysfunctions, it has already awarded three grants to Catalan research groups. These grants are supports destined to diverse aspects related to genesis and development of colorectal cancer. This year is the time of VHIO and the Cancer and Stem Cells Research Group, specifically of the project led by Stephan Tenbaum on colon cancer tumor cells. They are biyearly grants, with an overall amount of € 60,000.

Stephan Tenbaum, from Germany, recently joined the VHIO scientific team. In April 2008 he joined as a postdoctoral intern the team of Hector G. Palmer, main researcher of the Stem Cells and Cancer Laboratory. This group is focused on the understanding of molecular mechanics that rule the start and development of epithelial tumors, among which is colorectal cancer, a high social impact disease. It is a cancer that begins in tissues that are paradigmatic to study the stem cells biology.

The grants awarded by the “Olga Torres” Foundation focus on those researches in colorectal cancer oriented to carcinogenesis mechanisms, prevention factors, new molecular targets identification, evaluation of drug response molecular variables, epidemiology, prognosis pathology factors, chemoprevention and new therapy research. Via the direct funding of specific projects, of which this biyearly grant is a clear example, the Foundation aims to promote high level scientific, technological and social research in the University environment, in research centers or specialized institutes. They are also researches that are always related to diseases that affect society in the 21st century.

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