Joint Vall d’Hebron University Hospital and VHIO project announced as Hinnovar Award finalist

The Hinnovar awards, organized by Novartis in collaboration with ESADE and the Spanish Society of Health Directives (SEDISA), aim to establish a platform for healthcare professionals to provide creative solutions in the quality management of hospital care.

The Molecular Trial Navigator project, developed jointly by the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital and Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), has been selected as a finalist in the third Hinnovar Awards under the category ‘Projects to Impact Cancer Patients’. The project involves the creation of web-based platform for patients, physicians and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry to access information about the various clinical trials currently underway at Vall d´Hebron. Furthermore, this new website will facilitate patient access to the most suitable molecular therapies available.

More specifically, a database will be created to integrate the selected information, some of which will be directly accessible while other content/sections will be password protected. The website is expected to serve a variety of users; for example, Vall d´Hebron University Hospital physician-scientists or external researchers involved in a clinical trial who wish to check the stutus of a particular study or seek advice; patients who have their results post molecular analysis wishing to access a specific therapy; and representatives from the pharmaceutical industry who wish to locate centers that are developing specific molecular therapies. In summary, the project aims to provide an open channel platform which the general public and oncology professionals alike may request and consult information concerning the trials currently conducted at the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital and VHIO.

Responding to increasing demand

The treatment of cancer has progressed significantly over recent years thanks to novel therapeutic strategies and the development of molecularly targeted drugs in particular. Given that these targeted therapies are most effective in patients with tumors with distinct molecular alterations, we have witnessed significant technological advancements in platforms for molecular analysis. However, the use of these platforms, requiring constant updates, often makes it difficult for patients and professionals to access information regarding new treatments and therapies.

In response, the project aims to provide easy access to such information and in so doing, allow patients and onco-professionals to converge upon the most appropriate molecular therapies for each case, as quickly as possible. In oncology, the link between standard treatment and research is narrow, especially today, with research advancing much faster than the approval of new drugs. In this regard, this new platform could represent an important, progressive step.

Hospitals Sant Joan de Deu (Barcelona), Puerta del Hierro (Madrid), and Royo Villanova General (Zaragoza), are the other award finalists, for the prizes consisting of 30,000 and 10,000 euros for the first and second finalists respectively, per category. The selected two finalists will also receive advice on the development and implementation of their respective projects through ESADE.

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