VHIO joins 13 partner-strong consortium aimed at combating colorectal cancer

Announced today by lead partner Queen´s University Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, a new European Consortium MErCuRIC comprised of 13 globally renowned research entities will aim at achieving a better understanding of the colorectal cancer cell as well as tackle the genetic factors which make this tumor type notoriously difficult to treat. MErCuRIC will also strive to develop new diagnostics and therapies through studies including a translational clinical trial of over 1000 patients – also involving several SME and industrial partners including Pfizer.

This project to be funded by the European Commission´s Framework VII Programme, will unite the efforts of leading physician-researchers from the UK, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy and the Czech Republic. To commence early next year, VHIO´s participation in this multicenter undertaking will be spearheaded by Josep Tabernero, Director of VHIO and VHIO´s Clinical Research Program.

To discover more please visit http://mercuric.eu/.

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