VHIO scientists and AICR Atlas trekking team to raise funds for cancer research: donate today

Comprised of AICR (now rebranded as Worldwide Cancer Research) donors, supporters, staff and AICR grant holders, some 15 individuals, including VHIO´s Laura Soucek and Marie-Eve Beaulieu, have fearlessly undertaken this official AICR fundraising challenge to conquer Morocco´s Atlas Mountains — all in the name of cancer research.

This May (10 – 17 May, 2014), Laura, an AICR grant holder, accompanied by Marie-Eve, a postdoc scientist from her own group, VHIO´s Mouse Models of Cancer Therapies, will tackle the valleys and villages, the highs and lows of the Atlas Mountains before finally reaching the summit of Mount Toubkal, North Africa´s highest peak; some 4,160 meters above sea level.

The countdown is now on: support their intrepid 4,167 meter mountain quest today

Both Laura and Marie-Eve hope to raise a minimum of 2500 EUR each to meet their ´just giving´ AICR targets.  In recognition of their passionate dedication, their intense pre-trek training — not to mention the blisters and the muscle ´burn´ along the way, VHIO encourages its faculty, colleagues and friends to help spread the word and rally as many individuals as possible to support this official AICR fundraiser.

To find out more about donating to the cause please visit Laura and Marie-Eve´s respective charity trek pages at:

www.justgiving.com/LauraSoucek and www.justgiving.com/mebeaulieu

Discover more about AICR, its activities and funding programs aimed at supporting leading cancer research of excellence at global level, by visiting: www.aicr.org.uk.



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