Improved tracking & targeting of the HER/EGFR family: ESMO Symposium on Signalling Pathways in Cancer, 04 – 05 March 2016, Sitges, Barcelona

Under the expert Co-Chairship of Josep Tabernero, Director of the Vall d´Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), and Clare Isacke, The Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK, the 4th annual edition of ESMO´s Personalised Medicine Symposia on Signalling Pathways in Cancer, 04 -05 March 2016, Sitges-Barcelona (Spain), has been organized in partnership with the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR). This collaboration not only reflects ESMO´s increasingly broad cross-specialty reach and appeal, but also emphasizes the need to combine expertise and skills from different disciplines, from research to practice.

“Each and every oncology professional must understand the specific needs and challenges faced by each discipline in cancer research. We must seek opportunity to talk to each other to fully appreciate different perspectives as well as find solutions to problems together. Our forthcoming Symposium represents an ideal platform through which to do so,”
emphasizes Josep Tabernero, Scientific Co-Chair, and ESMO President-Elect (2018-2019).

Organized into 10 core sessions, including an overview of ESMO Guidelines in the context of precision medicine, this year´s meeting will center on HER/HEGFR family signalling and not only promises to report on the very latest discovery aimed at better targeting its implication in tumor growth and progression across several tumor types, but also an in-depth exploration into current approaches and opportunities towards combating resistance.

By convening cancer scientists, physician-researchers, and industry, participants can look forward to essential exchange from the translational perspective and thus embrace and learn from each others´ experiences and expertise. ESMO´s Signalling Pathways in Cancer 2016 will build on the successes of meetings past by ultimately signposting a new generation of more effective EGFR/HER targeted therapies and anti-cancer strategies for an increasing number of patients.

“In collaboration with the EACR, our program of excellence will draw an essential mix of academics, clinical researchers and industry researchers to collectively confront the challenges as well as celebrate the advances that biomarker-based research is currently bringing to the oncology field,”
concludes Tabernero.

To find out more, browse the outstanding scientific program and register to attend before early and late registration close on 13 January and 10 February 2016, respectively, please visit:

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