Sponsored Walking to Support Research Aimed at Improved Treatment & Care in Breast Cancer: El Paseíco de la Mama

Inés Gasén was diagnosed with breast cancer during her pregnancy  – not only naturally provoking fear and uncertainty for her and her family, but also raising many questions and doubts concerning the health and the future ahead for her baby. Triggering a call to action in her mother in-law, Elaine, and driven by the need to bring a positive out of the then challenging times, she decided to organize a 7,5 km sponsored walk along Zaragoza´s canal to raise funds for breast cancer research at VHIO.

Rallying support among their family and circle of friends and acquaintances, Elaine and her two daughters Pili and Susan, founded El Paseíco de la Mama in 2011 with the inaugural walk which took place in June that year. Spurred by the tremendous success and interest generated by the 2011 and 2012 ´canal crusades´, the determined group of 2013 walkers will today sport the El Paseíco de la Mama t-shirt with the signatures of their respective sponsors to energize them along the way.

Funds raised will help support research led by Cristina Saura, Medical Oncologist at the Vall´D´Hebron University Hospital´s Breast Cancer Unit and clinical researcher at VHIO.

For more information about El Paseíco de la Mama and research at VHIO please contact Amanda Wren, Communication Manager, directly via email: awren@vhio.net.

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