VHIO´s Javier Cortés joins The Lancet Oncology´s International Advisory Board 2014

Javier Cortés, Principal Investigator of VHIO´s Breast Cancer and Melanoma Group, Specialist Physician at the Oncology Department of the Vall d´Hebron University Hospital, and Deputy Director of the Breast Cancer Program at the same hospital, is renowned for leading the development of national and international clinical breast cancer research projects mainly focused on drugs directed against molecular targets and new chemotherapy agents.

His participation in some of the most important multi-center clinical trials for example, has contributed to the approval of drugs such as pertuzumab and everolimus, which have undoubtedly led to improved outcomes for patients. His ongoing translational work as physician-scientist, in close collaboration with VHIO´s Growth Factors and Experimental Therapeutics Groups, explores different mechanisms of resistance to current and classical therapies as well as other treatment strategies. Present studies aim at improving the efficacy of eribulin, a novel chemotherapeutic agent, with targeted agents, based on a new mechanism of resistance.

Such expertise in the breast cancer field is not only reflected by more than 90 publications in journals of prestige including The Lancet, The Lancet Oncology, The New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Clinical Oncology, but he is also regularly called on to serve on several Advisory and Scientific Committees as well as act as reviewer for several titles in oncology.

In view of his specialty and interests, he has most recently been invited to join The Lancet Oncology´s International Advisory Board for 2014. Alongside other thought-leaders within the field, his key role as Board Member will be to advise the journal´s senior editorial team on latest research developments, trends and clinical trials, provide feedback when required, as well as suggest topics for articles.

“I will be delighted and honored to act as Member of The Lancet Oncology´s International Advisory Board and very much hope that my involvement in a purely advisory capacity, alongside the other members, will serve and support its editorial team led by Dr. David Collingridge”
, says Javier Cortés.

The Lancet Oncology is a monthly, peer-reviewed international clinical oncology journal with an Impact Factor of 25.117, publishing original research, reviews, personal views, commentaries, and news across the global field of oncology.

To discover more about the journal, its aims and scope, visit:


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