Translational cancer research for tomorrow´s targeted therapy: the barometer of VHIO success

In a joint ecancermedicalscience interview filmed at ASCO 2011 in Chicago, José Baselga and Josep Tabernero describe the early beginnings of the Vall d´Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), milestones since marked thanks to its translational, multidisciplinary and combined approach to cancer research, how other institutes can replicate such efforts, some Boston-Barcelona synergies, and horizons ahead upon the forthcoming construction of VHIO´s next home.

Designed to centralize all VHIO´s research programs and core technologies in the same physical space, this new building – the Cellex Building, will further promote the interconnectivity and cross-talk between oncology specialists en force in order to carry out translational research even more rapidly and dynamically.

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