Hot off the press: VHIO´s 2014 Scientific Report now available

VHIO´s 2014 Scientific Report is now available either as a PDF (´light´version), or in its extended version online at: /scientific_reports/en_2014.php.

Aside from the may highlights described by each VHIO group, other chapters including our Director´s Foreword, a full listing of articles published by VHIO investigators in 2014, and the introductory front half entitled ´VHIO in 2014: the transformative power of forward-thinking talent´, all serve to demonstrate how VHIO advanced cancer discovery through the integration of translational science and clinical research within a multidisciplinary setting — the winning formula behind what we do and how we do it at VHIO.

To request a copy in-print please contact Amanda Wren, Director of Communication at VHIO, directly via email:

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