VHIO to host EurocanPlatform´s 3rd Annual Meeting & Midterm Review

Funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme, Eurocanplatform is a pioneering project led by The Karolinska Institute that comprises 28 European leading cancer Institutions and organisations working together in a unique collaboration. Sharing infrastructures and co-collaborating in various projects, such collective efforts en force are aimed at advancing cancer research and treatment and ultimately improving outcomes for cancer patients and reducing mortality Europe-wide.

Representing the first collaboration of its kind, the project´s principle objectives are defined as follows:

  • harmonisation and sharing of infrastructures and competences among organisations,
  • definition and coordination of specific areas for research collaboration,
  • optimisation of knowledge-sharing,
  • provide adequate training opportunities,
  • promote mobility of researchers
  • attractive for young researchers from all over the world,
  • retaining European talent,
  • providing strategic partnerships for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry,
  • accelerating translational research for the benefit of patients.

Marking its 3rd year, VHIO will host the EurocanPlatform´s 2013 Annual Meeting & Midterm Review, September 05 – 06, in order to feedback and report on all the latest activities from the 16 different work packages each led by reknowned experts within the field.  To find out more about the project, its dedicated partners and latest news visit: http://eurocanplatform.eu.

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