Cancer Core Europe´s information hub: website now launched to update on the very latest from this inspired multi-center partnership

Launched in the Autumn of 2014, Cancer Core Europe is a working consortium that represents a critical mass of activity for the successful integration of all cancer care information, clinical research and outcome data, and is championed by its six founding partners and comprehensive cancer Institutes of renowned excellence: Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus Grand Paris (Villejuif, France), Cambridge Cancer Centre (Cambridge, UK), Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden), Netherlands Cancer Institute – NKI), National Center for Tumor Diseases – DKFZ-NCT (Heidelberg, Germany), and VHIO.

The Cancer Core Europe´s pooling of exchange of expertise, research findings, common platforms and processes, will empower researchers and clinicians to rapidly exploit this trove of biological insights and clinical data for the benefit of patients. Driving this pioneering undertaking are the task forces comprised of researchers, clinicians, biostatisticians, and imaging and IT specialists from across the six member centers who are responsible for identifying challenges, sharing best practices, harmonizing procedures, establishing recommendations, and launching new common research projects.

To discover more about Cancer Core Europe´s governance, vision and mission, its people, as well as find out how to potentially get involved in this unique pan-European project, we invite you to visit its newly launched website at:


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