ESMO Daily Reporter On target column: VHIO’s Elena Garralda on cellular immunotherapy against solid tumors


Now published by the ESMO Daily Reporter (formerly by the ESMO Perspectives online magazine), the latest edition of  On Target – Gathering preclinical pace: cellular immunotherapy against solid tumors – was especially timed to coincide with ESMO’s Targeted Anticancer Therapies Congress (TAT), 06-08 March, Paris France,

In this month’s column, On Target’s author Elena Garralda, Director of our Research Unit for Molecular Therapy of Cancer (UITM) – CaixaResearch, and Principal Investigator of our Early Clinical Drug Development Group, draws on two recently published studies (1,2) to illustrate how preclinical research is paving the way for unleashing the potential of cellular immunotherapy in solid tumors.

Specifically, she briefly discusses the preclinical promise of CAR T cell therapy as a potential eliminator of residual cancer cells post-surgery (1), and the enhancement of CAR T cells to attack solid tumors in order to overcome the challenge of immunosuppressive microenvironments (2).

She concludes by providing her take on what lies ahead. To discover more, we invite you to read Elena’s latest column here.



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